Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Will the Packers reach out to Donald Driver?

Going into this past off season, the Packers had a lot of roster turnover about to start.  Jennings was unlikely to sign and Driver was likely to retire... or be shown the door.  Jennings left to the rivals across the river, and not without a few parting shots, and Driver took the high road and hung up the cleats.

The Packers then proceeded to draft two receivers in the later rounds to compete with the likes of Ross and Boykin for the final two spots on the roster.  Returning were Jordy Nelson, James Jones, and Randall Cobb.  And things were looking up.

And then the wheels came off.

Both rookie wideouts have yet to finish a practice and remain out indefinitely, Jordy Nelson just had knee surgery (something that I believe had been on the table since December based on my inside source) and won't be available the rest of camp, and Randall Cobb dropped out today with an apparent biceps injury.  Add to that the inconsistent play of Ross in the scrimmage and the quiet camp Boykin has had, and you've got  a serious problem.

This begs the question, will the Packers reach out to Donald Driver?  He swallowed his pride last year and accepted the diminished role.  Would he be willing to do the same?  In Green Bay, receiver is one of the most difficult positions to play in the offense.  All receivers are expected to know all of the positions; they do this because the quarterback could flip the play and adjust the routes at any time based upon what he sees in coverage.  It is imperative that the receivers and quarterback are schematically on the same page.  Donald Driver is perhaps the only available player that could achieve that level of understanding before the season began.  He could be ready right now.  Always a workout warrior, Driver is bound to be in shape and ready to go.

The second question is will he?

Make no bones about it, the Packers are getting desperate just to have enough bodies to run drills.  Driver would bring veteran leadership to the position, is well respected by his former teammates, has never made waves in the locker room, and still showed enough life last year that he could contribute.  But, will he be willing to go through the pounding of an NFL season one more time only to potentially be thrown to the scrap-heap once the Packers get healthy?  That is a question for which we may soon find an answer.

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