Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ponder inactive tonight Joe Webb Scouting report

He was questionable, but I didn't think the Vikings would inactivate him.  Surprising considering he finished the game last week and did not miss a play. 

We haven't seen Joe Webb since the preseason as Ponder is one of a handful of QBs to have taken every snap this season.  That's not necessarily good for Webb because Ponder has had some horrible games.

Here's my scouting report on Joe Webb (6-4 220).
Webb doesn't play as big as he is.  In the past he has gotten nicked up pretty easily.  Once hit a few times, his efficiency really drops.  He's a better runner than a thrower and is capable of running the veer option (think RGIII in Washington) but unlike RGIII, he does not have the accuracy or decision-making skills.  He doesn't see the field well and locks in on a specific target pre-snap too often.  As a result, he does a poor job of looking off the safeties.  When he misses with accuracy it's high, so if the Packers can play two deep safety coverage, there might be a few balls up for grabs.  Webb prefers to scramble to his throwing side (right) so the Packers will be challenged to contain from the center to the right sideline. 

Now, that could all change because, as I've said we haven't seen him all year and he's still a youngish project of a QB.  That said, if he had improved to the point where he would have challenged Ponder for a start, one would think the coaches would have at least inserted him in late in a few of those games where Ponder was just abysmal. 

Backing him up is McLeod Bethel-Thompson who is even more of an unknown.  He wasn't able to hit a broad-side of a barn in preseason and his footwork was terrible, but the guy can sling it legitimately 60 yards down the field without a lot of effort.  He's got a massive arm but everything else about him is a project.

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